Friday, July 19, 2013

Feature Friday--It's Eclectic!

Kirby: Today, I'm talking to (well, exchanging e-mails with) Kelly at Eclectically Vintage.  Kelly has a great style and she's also a great junk-finder, which is a trait I admire.

1. As a mother of twins, what was it like trying to take care of two babies at once?
          I didn't know any differently.  The fact that I had never changed a diaper before my girls
          were born really had me jumping right into the frying pan!  Oh, and I drank...a lot!

2.  Buttercup or citrine?
          I used to love holding buttercups under my chin when I was a kid--I always saw
          yellow hence my overwhelming urge to butter everything.

3.  How do you feel about Ball jars?  (This is not an inappropriate question, by the way.)
         I love the old blue jars with zinc lids and there's nothing I like more than inappropriate
         laughter so bring on the questions.

4.  Did you prefer The Backstreet Boys or N Sync?
         Ugh--the lesser of two evils would be N Sync--it spawned Justin Timberlake, after all.

5.  I understand that Jersey is an "interesting place."  Care to elaborate?
          I sense some sarcasm.  I can be at the beach, ski slopes, farmland, great shopping, and
          factory smog all in less than one hour.  What's not to love about a place where  you
          can buy a Bump-it on every street corner?

6.  Fast food or pizza?
          Pesto pizza on the grill is my latest obsession--with a large glass of wine of course.

7.  If you could take a vacation on an unlimited budget, where would you go?
          I'd hit every Four Seasons between here and Timbuktu.  There's nothing better than
          exploring an unknown place.

8.  Have you ever tried your hand at plumbing?
          No, but I've had a couple of cases of plumber's crack.

9.  If you could make a planter out of anything this summer, what would it be?
           I found a huge industrial-sized colander at the thrift shop and filled it with geraniums.

10.  Are there any bloggers that you follow (not in a stalker-ish way) whom you read without fail?
           I have a few restraining orders against me, so unfortunately I can't elaborate.

Kirby here:  Thanks again to Kelly for this interview.  Now, go check her out (not in a weird way) at Eclectically Vintage!!


  1. Fun interview - I didn't know Jersey had slopes (well the type you ski down)! Colorado baby!

  2. Lol I love a mother who freely admits her kids make her drink, lol!

    What is a Bump it? The only thing I know about Jersey is Jersey Shore...I hope that's not a sample of the people ;)

  3. LOL This Jersey girl agrees! You can do it all there and eat great food! NO The Jersey Shore is NOT how all the people are Mel. There are some though....
    Thanks for the fun!

  4. Plumbers crack. Now there's a girl after my own heart...


  5. Thanks for the fun questions Kirby - now the world knows I drink a lot of wine while trying to cover up my plumber's crack!

  6. That Kelly is quite the barmaid. I hear she's teaching mixology at Haven...

  7. Sorry, Lionel Ritchie didn't make the Commodores the better Motown band compared to The Temptations, hence JT's nsync didn't leave us with better music than the Backstreet Boys. Maybe when we were tweenies the dancier music was fun, but now that I'm older? I have MUCH more Backstreet on my diverse playlists--I Want It That Way, Show Me The Meaning, Undone, Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon, Song For The Unloved, One In A Million, the list goes on.

  8. I'm trying to think of something witty to say about the Ball jars, but nothing is coming to mind. So I'll leave you with the very true fact that two of my most favorite bloggers are named Kelly and I think they both know that.
    Snookie of The Mid West

  9. I have 10 cases of wine in my garage where I create. How about you and Kirby getting on a plane and coming to a bookmaking class. The wine helps with the process.

  10. Being the Mother of Twins - I LOVED this post lol - what a great sense of humor ( you could not survive raising twins without that by the way !!!!!!! )

  11. I love you both! Such funny and sweet ladies. I'm looking forward to drinking with both of you very soon.

  12. My side hurts from laughing. Thanks for nearly choking on my coffee this morning. Love your Blog so much...

  13. I LOL'd at the Bump Its on every street corner! Happy weekend, ladies!
    xo Heidi

  14. know...the crafty bit.

  15. I adore Kelly. She is one of my faves. Not only does she have a wickedly clever sense of humor, but I can't get enough of her eclectic collecting and decorating. Her posts are always fun. So was this one! Great interview. Thanks for sharing.

  16. It looks GREAT :) I hope you had a great Christmas holiday dear.

    Check out my new post...Cute Swedish curtain inspiration :)

    Have a fab day

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - Swedish decor, food, and fashion