Friday, June 14, 2013

Feature Friday might be starting with paint!

If you don't know Linda at It All Started With Paint, you should. 
She is kind, supportive and lots of fun. 
She is also addicted to Mason Jars.  And I could tell her that Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana was started with Mason Jar money.  I could also tell her that the fave cheer of Ball State students is "Ball U!  Ball U!" but I won't because that sounds slightly sketchy.  So, with no further ado from me, here is my interview with the lovely Linda:
1.  Gas or electric? 
Gas.  Really Kirby?  You set me up for bathroom humor right out of the gate? 

Now I'm concerned about the questions that follow ... :)

2.  Which do you hate less--dishes or laundry?
Laundry.  My husband does it. Oh wait, he does the dishes too ...
 3.  If you are in need of a midnight snack, what do you crave most? 
Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.  No, wait, a Nestle's crunch bar.  Or maybe chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream topped off with a Nestle crunch bar.  And whipped cream.  Can you tell I'm on an evil diet and hungry as I answer this?
4.  You live in my favorite big city.  What is your fun thing to do in Chicago? 
 Neighborhood pubs. One on every corner.  Oh, and this isn't a "to do" but I love driving down Lake Shore Drive on a beautiful day and crossing the river to catch the Bob Newhart shot ...
5.  If you found $10,000 in the dryer after you ran a load, what would you spend it on (for your home, of course)? 
 Well, I don't do the laundry. So my husband would find it.  Hopefully he'd share ... and we'd redo the kitchen.
6.  Peach or pumpkin? 
To eat, peach.  To color, pumpkin.
7.  You are now famous for your Mason Jars.  Do you have a project in mind that you haven't done yet?
 I've been dreaming up something that incorporates all the current trends: mason jars, burlap, book pages, ASCP, Chevron, milk paint, and a pallets.  It's gonna be HUGE, I tell ya!
 8.  If you had to choose one song that best represents you, what would it be? 
 Rock Lobster.  I'm a matching towels kinda gal ... :)
9.  Is there a place you'd love to visit (though lawd knows why you'd want to leave Chicago...)?  London.  And Ireland.  I've never been across the pond.
10.  Who is one blogger whose posts you never miss? Aside from you, Kari @Thistlewood, Kelly @View Along the Way, and Bliss @Bliss Ranch. 
Kirby here:  Thanks to Linda for being a good sport AND a good friend!  Make sure you check her blog out!


  1. I love Linda - great interview Kirby!
    Have a great wknd

  2. Linda rocks. Or should I now say Linda cans? Linda jars? Linda in a jar, yeah that is my ball jar idea, I'm gonna make a Linda under glass.

  3. Linda is a dear. Not like the animal though. And she like color. And she gave me her rug. Those are cool things.

  4. Fun interview and I have always been in awe of Linda. I somehow missed that she was a Chicago girl. Her mason jar projects are awesome!

  5. I told her that she is the Mason jar whisperer!

  6. She is the Mason Jar Maven for sure! :)
    xo Heidi

  7. OK, I must go find these mason jars!!!

    1. OK, in the 2 minutes since I left I saw 3 super amazing mason jar delights!!!! I may not make pickles this year because my jas will be otherwise in use!

  8. Linda & her blog are awesome! Nice choice!

  9. I loves me some Linda! Nice interview :)