Friday, June 28, 2013

Today's victim interview is Suzan from Simply Vintageous.

She hails from one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Montreal, where she paints furniture and has interesting conversations with her husband, John.

(She also quotes song lyrics incessantly, but we like her anyway.)  Here's how she reacted to me prying into her innermost thoughts:

1.  What do you think of heated floors?  
 I'm menopausing Kirby - heated anything is definitely O.U.T.  Now floors with air conditioning built into them would be heavenly.
2.  How do you feel about ceramic tile?   
Well I've never actually given that any thought - and I need far too much time to figure it out - I don't know how I feel about terracotta either now that I think of it.  Now I'm going to spend the rest of the day searching within myself to see how I feel about it - and I have a feeling tonight I'll be no wiser.
3. Did you ever pretend you were an Olympic athlete?   
I used to LOVE swimming and diving - but really, I wanted to be an actress. Maybe I could have been the next Esther Williams?

4. Beer or wine?  
Both - not together but love both.
 5.   If you are out cruising around town at midnight, are you more likely to get fish and chips, or Tim Horton's?  
Fish and Chips - Tim Horton's is for the morning after.  A big fat chocolate donut is the perfect remedy for too much Wine ( or Beer )
6.  Your HONEST opinion regarding burlap is… 
 Overrated - I prefer drop cloths
7.  Where is one place you have visited that you will definitely try to return to? (Or, if I’m using my English teacher grammar, to which you would like to return?)     
PARIS.................. if I ever win the lottery I'm buying an apartment there ( after I've had my facelift ) and I'm going to walk around eating croissants - and saying things like " J'ADORE " and " Magnifique " and wear hats ................
8.  You love pink--Fuchsia or Bubblegum?    
9.  You're always quoting song lyrics--what song on your iPod (or in your album/CD collection) do you feel best represents who you are at this point in your life?   
BOTH SIDES NOW - that's what I feel - everyone else in my life, however, might think WITCHY WOMAN is more fitting.
10.  One blogger you love to read is--- 
This is one of the hardest questions you can ask - there's just too many of them Kirby! You of course - but if I could only pick one - let me see now - nope - I can't do it - next question?
Oh there's no more?
Well - I could have went for another 10 !!!
Kirby here--thanks again to Suzan for having some fun with this!  Next week, there is a surprise guest!


  1. Love Suzan, love these interviews. Kirby, you should get a job with Jon Stewart or Colbert.

  2. We do love Suzan, even though she is responsible for some really bad songs being stuck in our head for an entire day.

  3. Gosh she is quick with songs to describe her!

  4. I love you're every woman in the me....

  5. I'm am so down with air-conditioned floors! Genius for all of us middle-aged gals. Thanks for my Saturday a.m. chuckle, ladies!
    xo heidi

  6. I love Suzan's blog and her conversations with John.

    My question to you is where do you come up with your questions? They are hysterical and this is a case of I wish great minds thought alike. I would kill for half your wit - not really, but you are too funny!

  7. Let's go to Paris together, Suzan! I didn't get to go to a single flea market while I was there and everywhere I ate the food sucked. I need a do-over! Oh...and we won't bring back anything made with burlap.

  8. Totally with you on the burlap vs. drop cloth thing. Drop cloths are so clearly superior :)