Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lessie and Minnie fix up the house

Minnie, June 23rd


Your sister has showed me how to work this blog and so now I am going to help her write it.  (She is none too happy about that, by the way…she doesn’t believe that my writing is up to snuff.  I patiently reminded her that I am a distinguished graduate of Appalachian State Teacher’s College, and she just needs to shut the hell up.) By the way, I will no longer apologize for using the occasional ‘hell’ or ‘damn,’ as I believe that after eighty long years on this earth, I have earned the right.

I am afraid that Corless has completely lost her mind regarding this house.  Our agreement was that she would sell her condo and we would use part of the proceeds to update this house, sell it, and move to the beach.  Myra Bumgarner’s boy, James, has assured us that this house will be worth at least four hundred thousand dollars if we fix it up.  That money, plus what’s left over from the condo, is more than enough to buy a lovely condo at the beach.  But Lessie is pinching every penny until Abraham Lincoln screams. 

She is now insisting that we undertake a great deal of the work ourselves!  I am not sure that she understands just how labor-intensive some of these updates will be.  I am eighty years old, for Heaven’s sake, and I refuse to scrape wallpaper!

Please see if you can talk some sense into her.  She received a good amount on the sale of the condo, and we won’t need to spend it all.  We should be able to pay someone to scrape wall paper.



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