Friday, May 3, 2013

Everybody's welcome at the ranch! (Another feature Friday.)

Blogland is strange.
In fact, I think it's probably a lot like on-line dating--some folks are just not your cup of tea, while you find others interesting.  Some catch your eye while some turn you off. 
And there are those with whom you have an instant connection.

I would read other blogs and I would see this crazy woman commenting, so I decided to check out her space,and I knew the very first time I read Bliss' blog that we were sisters from another mother.  I mean, fercryin' outloud, she made AN EAGLES dresser!! Here's how our intense Q & A went:

1.  Front porch or back deck? 
Probably back deck, but of course it depends on what I'm doing on it.
2.  What was your favorite television show of ALL TIME? 
All time.... hmmm.... hard to pick just one since I've gone through so many eras.  Hmmm.... Oh helll Kirby, I can't pick just one!  I watched a lot of tv.  So I'll just say anything that was on in the 60's and 70's, although I have probably seen every episode of I Love Lucy 20 times.
3.  If you had to limit your garden to one type of flower, what would it be? 
 I think my garden is already limited to one type of flower.  Something that is no fuss, probably why I like hostas, and they do flower eventually.
4.  How do you REALLY feel about beadboard? 
I like white beadboard and I cannot lie,  but really what I like is board and batten.
5.  Gray or Taupe? 
Grape.  But not green or purple, and preferably before it turns into a raisin.
6.  If you could visit anyplace in the world, where would you go? 
 I enjoy the Caribbean and have never wanted to wander farther.  I have no desire to travel to other foreign countries I guess.   But I also no longer have a desire to don a bikini, so my answer might be Alaska where I can wear a parka and blubber is a food not a description.
7.  Diner food or fast food? 
I have had some pretty darn good diner food.  Is Taco Bell a diner?
8.  If you could create a sign that said anything, to hang anywhere, what would it say? 
This is a trick question because I have signs everywhere and will continue to make and put them anywhere, however I just saw one that warned solicitors to go away that I thought was funny, so I'd probably make my own version of it.  Either that or tape one on the back of some azzhole that says "Kick Me".
9.  Who was the best rock band of all time? 
This one is harder than the tv show question....  hmmmm.... I guess I have to say the Beatles, but I've been known to shake a leg to ACDC.
10. How are the ducks...and can I have them
Klous DIED!!!  We figure Clyde is lonely now so my daughter is going to get two baby ducks.  You can have Klous.

(Kirby here) Thanks, Bliss (if that is indeed your real name) for taking a few minutes to answer some of the world's toughest questions. I'm really, really glad I found you! You can get back to your ranch stuff now. 


  1. With such honest answers to such tough's no wonder everyone loves Bliss!

  2. Wow! What an in depth interview! I mean worthy of 60 minutes for sure! The beadboard vs board and batten was just astonishing! Who would have known? You two are just light years beyond the rest of us normal folks......I'm honored to be your friend. But seriously, how come we didn't hear about the hunky Brawn? And now I'm in mourning for the's practically ruined my day! I have no doubts that we could get Bliss elected president....she has the following, now all we need is money. Thanks for interviewing one of my all time favorite people!!

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  5. I just adore bliss. Her projects, personality and love for her family. Hey Kirby I was thinking...If being the star reporter for Writing about blogging gets a bit old for you, Diane Sawyer will be retiring some day!:)

  6. Some reporter you are Kirby! You didn't even scoop Bliss's real name! Thanks for this interview of Queen of Signs & Dressers.

  7. Klous DIED????? sob...sob...sob
    Bruce didn't do it, I swear.
    We all love us some Bliss!

  8. Well,I'm just having a grand ole time clicking all these links and reading back & forth between your blogs! What a fun interview, thanks for the entertainment tonight!
    Debbie :)

  9. Bliss, you had/have ducks! How did I not know that. Loved getting to know the infamous Bliss a bit better. She was my first blogging mentor and she has a puggle, I'll always have a soft spot for her.

  10. Two of my favorite chicks in one space = snarfing my coffee. :-D Thanks, Kirbliss!!
    xo Heidi

  11. Do people know that Bliss is one of the original Valley Girls or maybe a transplanted Gidget?

  12. Quick wits are hard to beat. It's always fun to get an earful of Bliss.

  13. Awesome interview :), never thought of an Alaskan vacation like that! Thanks Kirby and Bliss~

  14. And, Bliss does it again.. I am sitting smiling & shaking my head! She's got some true character going on & I love it...

  15. OMGosh there is rarely a time that I read Bliss and don't end up almost peeing in my pants {now granted, it doesn't take much - I blame the third child} and this is no exception. Love me some Bliss.

  16. That was great! I always want to know if that's her real name! Love her!

  17. If you want honesty and fun, a laugh that makes your tummy hurt and a blogger that does it all, go see Bliss! :)


  18. I love Bliss! (and no that is not her real name but I forgot what she told me) You see I've seen I Love Lucy about as may times as Bliss and I love the Beatles!

  19. Ok it was all funny, till Klous died, ah, poor Klous.
    Enjoyed the interview, good indepth questions, now go back through all your posts and read my comments and find the one where I said, 'you would really get on with Bliss'. I'm sure I said that and I'd like to take credit for it - lol !!!!

  20. I found Bliss through all of her witty comments on other blogs. I had to find out who this funny girl was. She was the first blogger that befriended me online. I love her quick's what I love about Mr. Wonderful, too. Gotta love someone who makes you laugh. And her projects are pretty kickazz, too!

  21. Oh Bliss - you are too too much - love ya truly!!!
    Where blubber is a food and not a description OMG - LMAO

  22. Bliss never ceases to make my laugh out loud. I wish she lived in my neighborhood so I would have someone to chat with while I was painting in my lovely rag tag paint clothes and we could share thoughts on what we think of MY UPS man, the strange people who have even stranger dogs, and the people who I am positive smoke pot, but are uber cool Europeans and drive the most gorgeous cars. Oh yes, and my neighbor at the end of the street who does his yard work in his bike shorts and heart monitor, sans the shirt. Ewwww!!! Also, I am really good friends with his wife. Even eweeeyer.