Friday, May 10, 2013

karianne at Thistlewood Farms

Several bloggers mentioned that karianne (the lower case 'k' is intentional) from Thistlewood Farms is one of the blogs on their 'must read' list.  She lives in the beautiful countryside of Kentucky, where she cares for her brood and makes her house into a home. Here's what she has to say on a variety of important topics:

1.       Would you rather spend money on earrings or chalk paint?

Umm… this a trick question?  Have you seen my earrings?  I would walk up a hill backwards in the snow for a pair of really amazing earrings.  Chalk paint….not so much. J

2.       If you could spend a week in any city in the world, where would it be?

I would stay a week in Dover, England.  I read a book once where the main character walked the white cliffs of Dover. I want to spend a week with the sea winds blowing my hair pretending I am in a Jane Austen novel.

3.       Geraniums or Hydrangeas?

Hydrangea.  They were my father’s favorite flower.  Plus they look amazing when they are dried.

4.       Who was your favorite Backstreet Boy?

I’m a country fan.   I like Billy Ray Cyrus.  He had me at mullet and achey brakey heart.

5.       Would you try your hand at plumbing, if you had the opportunity?

Another trick question?  Are you serious?

6.       Eggplant or lavender?

Lavender.  The better to make homemade soap and scrubs and it smells way better.  Plus….eggplant involves cooking.

7.       Do you like avocados?

Only in guacamole. 

8.       What type of movies do you enjoy?

I love happy movies with a wonderful ending.  Preferably involving Mr. Darcy (see number 2) or a duke or an earl or Downton Abbey.

     9 .       Home cooking or fancy restaurant?

Fancy restaurant…..every time.
   10.    One blogger you love to read is--
           Can I pick two (besides yours...of course)?
           At the Picket Fence and Finding Home.

(Kirby here)--Thanks to karianne for sharing her thoughts with us on this week's Feature Friday at Women Who Blog!  Anglophiles unite!


  1. Another fun addition to your woman that blog series. karianne's blog is filled with so many wonderful and beautiful things, I often hope, one day, she'll end up like Martha and I can anticipate getting her magazine monthly to flip through. Just as much as I love these interviews, I love seeing what questions you'll be asking :)

  2. Once again you have plumbed the depths of a blogger! At least the burning eggplant/lavender question was was keeping me up nights and I need my sleep. This is a great series! You are SUCH a genius! I hope it rubs off on me!

  3. Oh I can remember trying to learn the line dance for Achy Breaky Heart LMAO - took me forever ( it was one of the more complicated ones don't you know )
    Fun series this Kirby - LOVE it
    Happy wknd

  4. Fun, fun...this is such FUN!

  5. Love karianne and her blog! Where do you get these crazy questions?? How could you not ask someone from KY about whiskey????

  6. I'm gonna have to drop Ms. Thistle an email to make sure she has listened to Weird Al's parody of Achy Breaky Heart. I guess if Billy Ray is good enough for Weird Al, he's good enough for me.


  7. She was remarkably restrained with the exclamation points!!! ;-) Love her. Happy Mother's Day to both of you!
    xo Heidi

  8. LOL! are the best! Thank you so much to the feature (although Bliss was much funnier)!!

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heidi....that was for you!

    :) me

  9. karianne is THE rock star!!!!!!!!!!!!